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The Laserwall System allows panel producers to cut set-up time by utilizing engineering files to generate a full scale laser image of a desired panel onto a specially designed Triad framing table. The image is positioned against the squaring stop each and every time eliminating the need to worry about adjustments for the first stud. Rough openings are quickly identified and placed into position on the table. Clamp, square, fasten, and remove the finished product. Can be used in-line with other standard Triad products such as routing and sheathing stations for greater productivity.

Available System Configurations

Single Projector
Capable of projecting an image up to 20 high X 20 in length

Multiple Projector
Capable of projecting a continuous image up to 20 high along the length of the table

Key System Features Software

  • Windows 2000 Professional user interface
  • Compatible with all major engineering design software
  • Customized user interface
  • Accurate to within +/- 1/16 inch
  • Calibration on command (less than 10 sec)
  • Project entire wall panel
  • Projects plates only, studs only, or any
  • Auto save current wall panel if main power failure
  • Focus on attention
  • Move/Rotate image
  • Mirror or Flip Image
  • Display plate and component identifier text


  • Wireless remote control (Zone controlled)
  • Environmentally sealed projector housing
  • Smart projector (imbedded CPU)
  • Standard Ethernet network interface
  • 5mW Class IIIa Laser Diode
  • Compliant with CDRH (21 CFR1040.10)
  • Pentium III user interface computer
  • Industrial computer enclosure keyboard & mouse
  • Constant voltage UPS
  • 300 VA (2.5amps) @ 60Hz for computer
  • 150 VA (1.25amps) @ 60 Hz per projector
  • 24/7 support